Bentwood Furniture

June 24th, 2015

Bentwood Furniture Solutions Designed in Sydney

Providing a stylish addition to your interiors, the classic designs are set to last for decades on end. A popular choice for their adaptability, they will fit into both casual cafes and more formal restaurants perfectly – go from day to night in style with dedicated furniture solutions in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond. 

Bentwood chairs and stools that suit the look of your business

Each of our bentwood chairs and stools can be completely customised to give your establishment the style you deserve. Choose from an endless range of colours – from the classic neutral tones to a more contemporary blue or green – and finish the look with either a matte or shiny top-coat. Not only this, but the chairs are available to be upholstered, too, to provide an added level of comfort for your customers.

With a ten-year guarantee on every item purchased, you’ll receive peace-of-mind that your dollar is well spent. Famous for being a robust furniture solution, the bentwood chairs will last and remain as pristine as the day you bought them. If you place them outdoors, they are weather-resistant. As well as this, their quality workmanship means they’ll last through frequent use in high-trafficked cafes, where they may seat hundreds of patrons per week.

Not just furniture – we also have a range of project management packages

If you have specific designs in mind, please do not hesitate to let us know. Otherwise, we offer a complimentary over-the-phone design consultation on each purchase. When you are ready to purchase new furniture, simply call us and we will help you plan your entire fit-out.

Should you prefer, our start-to-finish project management provides you with the ability to sit back and relax while we take care of things for you. Skilled at providing cost-effective products and efficient installations, we’ll make your café, restaurant or bar shine with our range of bentwood furniture.

Shipping from Sydney to the whole of Australia

For your convenience, we offer complete shipping and installation wherever you are in the country. Using our dedicated national network of couriers, we ensure the products are delivered to your door in a timely fashion, ready to provide your customers with endless comfort.